Ayşe Deniz Yeğin graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1999 with ceramics. She has developed herself with her interest in fashion and since 2002 she has established her own brand, Ayse Deniz Yeğin. About 7 years, MBFW has been participating in Istanbul and preparing its own collections, as well as designing and producing products for the shops of the museum like the first periods of her career and also giving great brand design support. Under the support she gave to Boyner from outside, the company directed the Agenda ‘brand and the other brand new brand, the House of Camellia. Morhipo, one of the leading names in e-commerce site she  has been providing design consultancy since 2012. Apart from these, she designed summer 2016 collectiıon for DeFacto with her own name. In Armaggan’s exhibitions, she joined other artists and participated in the exhibitions, and together collabrating with Morçatı, they defended the rights of women and designed products in the social responsibility project. Since 2005, she also presented her products under then name of Ayşe Deniz Yegin  in her Showroom based at Nişantaşı.